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Tatjana Valsang, Sund, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 180 cm



Galleri Andersson/Sandström is pleased to present Sandbank, Tatjana Valsang's first solo exhibition in Stockholm. 

More about the exhibition at our website

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WILLIAM WEGMAN - Exhibition to 19 March 2016.




William Wegman’s name as an American conceptual artist (*1943, lives in New York) is linked inseparably with his subtle, ironic photographs of his Weimaraner dogs.

Becoming known initially for cryptic photo and video works (with and without dogs), he attained world renown in the 1970s with his discovery of the talents of his first Weimaraner dog, Man Ray, as a gifted model and an ideal interpreter of human idiosyncrasies.

In the mid-1980s, Fay Ray, a born dog diva, succeeded Man Ray and was no less of a star. Fay launched a whole gamut of entirely new motifs. She could move gracefully, assume different positions and poses, arch her neck, turn her head round, and cross her legs. In the interim several generations of her offspring have come to pose before Wegman’s lens.

In 1979, on the invitation of the Polaroid Corporation, Wegman began working with a newly developed camera, the now legendary Polaroid 24 x 20 Inches (60 x 50 cm). A remarkable body of work came about, of singularly precise, large-scale photographs, each a one-off, as only this Polaroid camera is capable of producing. Since Polaroid ceased paper production a number of years ago, pigment prints have become Wegman’s favoured technical medium.

William Wegman’s photographs are shown in museums and international galleries the world over, and have entered all the larger collections. Numerous retrospectives devoted to his work have been on view in many museums of the United States, Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

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Eva Hild, Sinkholes, 14.1-14.2


Eva Hild, Diverge, 2015, stoneware, 160 x 130 x 85 cm



Galleri Andersson/Sandström proudly opens the 2016 spring season by presenting a solo exhibition by Eva Hild. With her characteristic organic forms, Hild has become one of the most successful sculptors of today. She has a strong position in the international art scene and she is represented in major private and institutional collections around the world.

Her sculptures are like cells exposed to pressure and movement. They are constructed by hand by using a thin layer of mud, but it is the voids and empty space in between that defines the contours of the mass. Hild’s unique technique uses the absence of material to define the impression presented. The outside as well as the inside are displayed and the very advanced forms express both fragility and incredible power simulateously. The abstract shapes move in and out of themselves, like a sea shell half worn down by waves. Although the sculptures can be characterized as voluminous, they likewise give a sensuous ease

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Maria Friberg, Piles of Dreams, 12.11-19.12


Maria Friberg, Piles of Dreams, 2015  /  diasec, silicon mounted pigment print, 150 x 118 cm



Galleri Andersson/Sandström is proud to present our first solo exhibition with Maria Friberg. Maria Friberg is part of the generation of artists that came up during the 90’s and was known as ‘the Nordic Miracle’. These artists were given a great deal of attention for their high artistic quality and today, Friberg is known as one of the foremost photographers and video artists of our country. The exhibition Piles of Dreams circles the theme of Man’s ruthless exploitation of Planet Earth, but also proposes the notion that Mankind has the possibility to create something beautiful from chaos; something constant from the destructive agenda of our age. The literal piles of “dreams” that Friberg depicts consist of drifts of mundane every-day material such as plastic toys, electrical cables or garbage that either creates a background to a portrait or a solitary suggestive landscape.

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Fall Inspiration - Visions West Contemporary


Adonna Khare, Play with Matches, 14x11, graphite on paper

A D O N N A   K H A R E

Using paper as an initial starting point, artists Adonna Khare and Hacer, take us back to childhood. Hacer, brilliantly morphs oversized brightly colored origami animals into impressive metal sculptures and Adonna imaginatively draws princess chimpanzees, elk-eating sharks and pool playing tigers and zebras that are stand-ins for life experiences. A castle-bearing elephant may playfully symbolize carrying the weight of the world around or a shark trying to eat an elk with trees for horns could signify feeling like a fish out of water. The absurdities of life are captured eloquently in Adonna's work. To see more work Click Here

Adonna was awarded the $200,000 Art Prize in 2012, which allowed her to return to art full time. Her work can be found in many museums and private collections including Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AK. 


Pool Party, carbon pencil on paper, 72x199

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