Germ Bloc: Providing the Best Hand Sanitizing Products
Nov 28

Germ Bloc: Providing the Best Hand Sanitizing Products


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  • Germ Bloc is a leading online store that provides disinfectants such as  hand sanitizer lotion,  hand sprays and healthy skin repair lotion too to eliminate germs. Their lotions are made up of natural and organic constituents without any harsh chemicals. Thus, keeps your hand protected against germs for hours.

    Germ Bloc is the fastest growing hand sanitizer brand as their  alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion  is the healthiest way to sterilize your skin and make your hands free from germs and bacteria. They are committed to provide you with the products that really work and have proven results for being safe and effective.

    Germ Bloc has an amazing range of sanitizing products. It is a highly regarded company and has been continuously exploring and finding innovating ways to offer you the best hand sanitizing and hygiene solutions. They provide you the top quality skin care formulations to meet all your hygiene related skin care needs. In addition to this, all the products sold by Germ Bloc are approved by renowned dermatologists to bring clinically-safe products to you.

    Being alcohol free, they keep your skin protected against drying and cracking too. Their  alcohol free hand sanitizer  consists of 13% antiseptic with 6 botanical extracts and 7 moisturizers. It also includes 2 vitamins. This is what makes their product different and at par from other alcohol free products as well. Thus, Germ Bloc products not only help you make your skin soft and germs free but also greatly protect you against many diseases.

    The popularity and the effectiveness of Germ Bloc products can only be valued by the fact that it is approved and showcased is the top shows and platforms, trusted by all. The company has become a distinctive part of different websites, TV channels and magazines such as,, the Hampton Roads Show, Parent Guide News, Women’s Running magazine, Woman’s World and many more.

    You can purchase all of their products easily from their website and avail the facility of free shipping anywhere, on an order value of more than $30. You can also avail all the products of Germ Bloc at several trusted retailers including Safeway, Albertsons, Costco wholesale, Kmart, Value Drug Company, Shopko, RDC and Cardinal Health.

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