CephX: Providing Precise Professional Cephalometric Analysis on Cloud System
Nov 28

CephX: Providing Precise Professional Cephalometric...


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  • Cephalometric  analysis is the most common method used by orthodontists and dentists for studying craniofacial complex relationships. Its use lies for plenty of things such as predicting changes in skull structure, to study abnormalities, effectiveness of ongoing treatment, and many more. To develop and plan appropriate treatment plan for patient, this analysis is most important and done firstly, but its process and specific results obtaining is the most difficult task for doctors. As its results come with certain small random errors also sometimes, due to technical measurements, landmark identification, image density, also due to the reduction from three-dimensional to two-dimensional image it becomes more difficult for studying it effectively.

    Some doctors take assistance of more professional tools that can give accurate and exact results, as even a single major error can affect the effective treatment plan and process of patient. CephX is a leading platform of professional and veteran orthodontics and software experts that have build the cloud system to provide orthodontists and dentists with authentic, accurate and error-free analysis results of cephalometric image. It saves ortho and dental practitioners time for cephalometric analysis and focusing on their patient’s treatment planning and effectively doing it with patient care.  CephX.com  is their leading online portal providing solutions for analysis, archiving image and also even providing management of patient record.

    They have innovated distinct technology for this, named as AlgoCeph technology, providing authentic, precise cephalometric analysis results in seconds of time, comforting practitioners with greater efficiency, patient output relative to input, and more productivity. Dental and ortho Specialists can maintain their patient’s record in their cloud system with accessing it from anywhere and also from their mobile phones. They can create back-up on their cloud of all the patient information which is secured and private from all aspects, and is compatible to all the operating systems. It means you don’t have to create a separate record of your patients on paper form and accessing it everytime searching on within your files, simply create your record on cloud system i.e. online access to records from any of devices within seconds.

    You can download images of  Cephalometric  analysis from their cloud and conclude easily the results, saving your time with extra efforts. They have analysis experience of over fifteen years and have yet analyzed more than 275,000 cephs. They have more than 50 generic and custom analyses, like Rickets, Jefferson, Steiner, and so on. Their first analysis is completely free with first month subscription at $1 only.

    To avail their services, visit  https://cephx.com/.

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