• Marina - SANDY



    Oil on canvas 44 x 36 cm

  • La Flor del Azafram - Antonio Pessoa - Acrylic on canvas - 116 x 89 cm

    La Flor del Azafram

    Antonio Pessoa

    116 x 89 cm

  • Human Birds - Antonio Pessoa 2002 ( acrylic on canvas - the romantic period ) 97 x 146 cms

    Human Birds

    Antonio Pessoa - 2002

    The romantic period

  • Nude Academic - Antonio Pessoa

    Antonio Pessoa

    "Art gives me encouragement and this gives me the power. The power of divine love that allows me to overcome inertia and surrender myself body and soul to the infinite task of making each day a work, with the sparkling imagination in each brushstroke on the canvas.

    On the screen I find freedom of transformation and it is in her that every day I transform white surfaces into art, plastic expression, painting and communication. "

  • Maternity - Lino Silva


    Lino Silva

    Art and Emotion

  • Death of Seneca

    Death of Seneca

    Paintings from the 17th Century

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