Antonio Pessoa - Imagination

Throughout his Contemporary Fine Art odyssey, and very particularly when it comes to what absolutely involves the "Free" heart and soul, Pessoa describes commitment as everything that goes with it, Imagination, playing for keeps, making Art, communicating through Art and going the distance. After Imagination, the two keys to living life full, Passion and Commitment. Heartfelt Passion for his dreams and artistic projects and Commitment to systematic research, aiming at new solutions, new action plans, new artistic, social and public performance. Using the power of his Art in the direction of truth, love and togetherness, Pessoa is well aware that his world is substantially the power to create. His world is the gift that comes directly from Imagination. Imagination changes our views and changes our mind. Changes Art and it can change the World! In Art, perspective first appeared in the Renaissance, as a system for making paintings look more like the real world, incorporating distance as well as size. Gradually the term broadened to refer our mental outlook over time, as well as our visual. Of course, our mental and our visual outlooks are connected through the act of perceptive Imagination. Art is also a metaphor for reality, and just like reality it isn't static, it moves and changes and none of us are able to see the whole thing at any one time. Antonio Pessoa uses his Imagination to connect Art with the outside world through sight, color, texture and meaning. But far from delivering us a universally consistent view of the same old concepts, his rich Contemporary Fine Art highly communicative expression is shaped by his Imagination. Imagination, personal and artistic sustainability, daring to transform ideas into artworks. The contemporary young master dances often with his lover and partner called Imagination. They wouldn't dream of performing their best without recounting the lessons they learn together. One has only to look upon his latest great works of art, beautiful performances in color, concept, aesthetics and visual literature. Imagination is a fascinating system of rules of conduct or methods of practice, synonymous with invention, artistic intuition and intention. Imagination jumps out and its presence challenges the artist to be true to his standards. Imagination lurks in the Studio shadows surrounding every crowning moment, Antonio Pessoa takes it by the hand and spin it around the Art Studio dance floor a couple of times then they become a dance team. Art Action time! Using Imagination consciously is Pessoa's secret to creating the Art of his dreams, the visual literature for his public.Communication. It has little to do with technique and everything to do with creative awareness. This cause and effect relationship is after all the heart and soul of the artist's Contemporary Fine Art new series general concept. The key factor for Antonio Pessoa's latest artistic significant changes, discoveries and progress was his ultimate decision to put himself in the right environment that could not distract him from the creative process he intended. Studio 1 ! Most of the time during the making of these charming artworks he sets aside a reasonable amount of hours in a row totally concentrated in this fascinating artistic challenge.

Theoretically what he was seeking was a framework of the new ideals, visions and concepts that were important to him in order to come up with a New Line of aesthetic references and new solutions, his innermost aspirations focused on transcend the ongoing average art and provide the public with innovative formulas, ways and exciting possibilities of communication and dialog through contemporary visual expression. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art cooperative reality is a very real alternative in today's art scene for obvious reasons we all seem to be aware of by now.An artistic experience highlighted by the pure essence of Beaux-Arts coexisting in perfet and total harmony with the latest tendencies and beyond, a successful combination which visual effects dont't need much further complex evaluation nor tiresome theoretical for the birds nonsense. When the artist painted Imagination ( mixed media on watercolor paper ) he was already sure a new emotional scene was already at play every day and every night of his life, pushing ahead his most fascinating period in all areas, so far. Unquestionably eclectic. After all the most exciting was and is actually the process of creating this innovative art-communicating conceptual masterpiece and expressive powerful magnet, Pessoa's larger than life investment of all his multiple "Époques" art making years, ever. Much like a Domino effect, the general idea that has been set in motion by the boosting imagination of the artist, is by now reaching the mass majority of public, namely art collectors, art lovers and even emerging and reputable artists, who seem to fully understand and enjoy the concept's content of the broadcasting new generation of cutting edge suggestions and exciting projects, aiming at creating a totally innovative outlook of Contemporary Art and promoting its powerful communicative potential. Antonio Pessoa's essential secret is based upon his rock solid determination of not letting his Life and most importantly his Art, be the product of cultural conditioning. Thereby, the artist has admited he uses his Imagination to systematically find new ways to express amd share a new formula of communication, which will guide the public to greater levels of perception and understanding the powerful philosophical content of Art, and in so doing he is successfully creating the ultimate right chemistry between Contemporary Art and worldwide public. This wonderfully entertaining way to provide art lovers with a new and exciting outlook of Art, illustrates perfectly the artist's Contemporary Fine Art concept related issue, through which he uses his Imagination full potential to stay systematically on the hook for greater possibilities concerning Art and Public relationship and beyond. New Visual Arts egalitarian equivalence! It's perfectly accurate to state and admit once and for all the unquestionable fact that today's Art Public is expecting and most importantly deserving The Big Break, meaning a different vision possibility regarding this specific issue of how to interpret the hidden underlines of contemporary art expression and very particularly how to realize and solve the mysteries of the apparently complex context, content, intention and meaning of abstract Visual Arts when it comes to approach the latest cutting edge tendencies, whether through Video, Photography, Installation, Live Performance, or in Antonio Pessoa's unique and amazing universe, through a mostly successful fusion and skillful combination of sources, an exciting cross between the Great Masters techniques and reputable models and this only apparently simple project known as Contemporary Fine Art. The open minded public is obviously willing to embrace this interactive innovative attitude the artist came up with and is definitely looking forward to take it to even more stimulating and higher levels of communication, sharing, mutual participation and togetherness. When the student is ready, the teacher appears! That's when and where Antonio Pessoa's Imagination comes in, suggesting us new exciting challenges, excellent Art and most important of all with a heartfelt project aiming at turning Contemporary Art into a worldwide mass phenomenon. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art hit a nerve with the art lovers network. Obviously it's because public in general desperately want more direct relation with Art and I would say even the need goes much deeper. Maybe it was just about time to provide Contemporary Art with that exciting something,that missing stimulating formula now available to such an extent that the viewers more than just contemplate will feel they have to reach that ultimate point of intimacy to spontaneously feel the pleasurable urgency to want Art into their homes and hang it at eye level on the wall. More than a question of metaphysics, rather a spontaneous desire to have it, touch it and feel it.

The artist's Imagination takes off from a systematic self-actualization, straight up to the highest levels new Contemporary Art can actually reach, which includes the multiple ways and daily steps to accomplish the ultimate challenge. Fulfill the Public's emotional demand through an effective exciting communicative process, where a new Vision of Arts potential is absolutely what's at stake. Simple as that, beautiful and new. After all the artist is well aware that Imagination is a Good Creative Source, a Must Quality. Imagination is like his generator within his creative engine, it stirs him like no other natural gift. Imagination drives him systematically to make movement and to add the creative fire necessary to activate amazing artistic, personal and communicative results in his and in the Public's favor. Art Action and Communication require a deep burning desire for change, it requires energy that is ablaze with Imagination. Cultivating and unshakable, Pessoa's Imagination does create a new attitude, a new character, an abundant supercharged communication sculpture, with the magical chisel in the hand of an artist guiding all his energy and his collaborators team motivation toward the new concept of Art and Public, art loving and definitely art collecting, a conscious decision for this specific and exciting outcome, a current successful successful process, the result of hundreds and thousands of options and accurate choices in order to make Contemporary Art come alive like never before. The artist's life is built mainly by how he wonderfully responds to what happens in his Imagination. Burning desire, enthusiasm, attraction, love and new concepts, cutting edge visions in all areas, public awareness, sharing, belief, abundance, masterpieces, great Art and Life Supreme!

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