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The Museum of Russian Art (MoRA) in Jersey City presents
An exhibition of new technologies in art
March 26 through April 4, 2011
Opening reception on Saturday, March 26, 3pm to 6pm
80 Grand Street, Downtown Jersey City
online at
Conceived, created and curated by Igor Molochevski and Artem Mirolevich.
OBJECT / SELF / SUBJECT features artworks using radical new technologies. It showcases works of such artists as Lubo Borisov, Igor Molochevski, Artem Mirolevich, Peter Patchen, Andrey Bartenev, Ryan Roa, Anton S. Kandinsky, and Anton Trofymov.
Today we are beginning to notice that the new media are not just mechanical gimmicks for creating worlds of illusion, but new languages with new and unique powers of expression.
--Marshall McLuhan

The 21st century marks a new era in the history of art, one whose significance can be compared only to the arrival of film in the 19th century. Developments in artificial intelligence and human-interactive technologies have given rise to new dilemmas that must be addressed by art as the ever-vocal advocate of the human condition. This strange and exuberant time has created a new breed of artists who use technology as a mean of communication. It is a new language that permits artists to create a connection between themselves and their viewers. No longer will the work of art remain a static phenomenon; instead, it is becoming a living entity that, with the artist's guidance, can communicate with viewers on a personal level.
Through a language alien to traditional forms of artistic expression, this new art continues the quest to reunite subjective and objective reality by reinventing itself.




March 31 - April 29, 2011
Opening on Thursday March 31, 5 - 8 pm

Camilla Akraka, Mistress-unknown, 2011, 180 x 120 cm, oil on panel


--The suite of paintings Pasaportes is made up by several self-portraits in which Akraka stages herself as both familiar and less known characters to be found in various parts of the world and in different times. Yet, they all originate from the depths of mysterious, accepted or clichéd images of a black woman. Images she has being confronted with as a black woman living in Sweden. In Pasaportes Akraka evokes, embodies and occupies these images.

Akraka writes:

--I know him a little, perhaps even enough. An African man. Black with pink palms. My father. I did walk with him on a beach once. An African beach. In his country. That’s 20 years ago. There were miles and miles of sand, and miles and miles of palm trees. He said: “They were planted by the colonial masters.” To him these words were obvious in meaning. To me it meant something else. I sensed something obscure. Diffuse and changing. Something travelling. Through years and continents.
--A heritage.

--Camilla Akraka, born 1968 in Sweden graduated from the Royal College of Art, Stockholm in 2001. She works with various materials such as painting, sculpture, performance and animation. In 2000, in collaboration with Kristina Matousch, she made an acclaimed performance/ installation Factum at Mejan gallery exhibiting body parts of living people. In 2002 her short film Fatima was screened in Annecy, France and at the Gothenburg Film festival.

--Pasaportes is Akraka’s third solo exhibition with Angelika Knäpper Gallery. In 2004 she presented paintings in Mrs Dell’s suite and an animated short film Zeth, made in collaboration with Niclas Malmström. --Bush meat, 2006 showed both paintings and sculpture.

--Please contact for further information and press images.

--Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11am-6pm, Saturday – Sunday, 12(noon) – 4pm


Angelika Knäpper Gallery | Tegnérgatan 4 | 113 58 Stockholm | Sweden
+46-8-54 59 31 19 | |

Thursday 21st April 2011 the Gallery Paolo Erbetta Arte Contemporanea presents the solo exhibition of
Curated by Antonella Palladino
Opening Reception: Thursday 21st, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm
21st April - 30th June 2011
Opening Times: Mon - Sat 11am - 1pm; 5pm - 8:30pm. Wed and Thu by appointment
Catalogue available with text by Antonella Palladino


--The Gallery “Paolo Erbetta Arte Contemporanea” is pleased to present on 21st April 2011 Alessio Rota's (Giulianova, Italy, 1982) one-man show entitled Stop-motion curated by Antonella Palladino.
--The artist's research comes from observing the contemporary city. Urban visions, such as suburbs and anonymous areas that are at the same time Full of Life, are represented. These recall to mind John Fante. A street life that feeds itself with continuous disorder.
--Visions appear on the canvas which are broken up into small pieces, perceived, assimilated and than recomposed by the mind of a traveller artist for whom it is impossible to stay stationary. It results in urban scenery made of aerials and blocks of flats, signs, trains, placards, premises, taverns…
--A scenery that permeates throughout a narrative point of view but never linear because it is broken into small pieces and that are reproducible with information technologies in different and simultaneous spaces…
--The title Stop-motion is a clear reference to the filming technique based on the photogram matching tranches de vie all different, joining non-contiguous spaces and times.
--A similar concept comes back in The conquest of time curated by Derrick de Kerkhove: “These montages make fun of the representation chaining points of view exploded from an Ubiquitarian perception of the world”.
--The canvases produced for the exhibition represent urban sceneries of a global city made so by the direct diffused power of information. It is not rare to find explicit references of news items, or to notice the direct scenery of parts of life inside television screens. Time and space become re-configured annulling any consequential and ordered conception. Places enter into the virtual of multi-screen society and stay as if suspended.
--The representative technique alternates narrative parts (motion), in which the use of chalk in abstract background painting (stop) prevails, with an alternation of fullness and emptiness. The land is full and the knowledge space, by now disconnected from the territory, is empty.
--A personal pictorial language suitable of creating the suspended condition of contemporary man.
--“Real human existence _ like the real encounter between men _ sees the light, is perpetuated and finds its own unity in the element of thought. It is suspended in emptiness”. (by Pierre Lévy).
--Finally, black and white canvases, all of different format, represent the condition of waiting. --Attention is concentrated on details, on single scenes that are often drawn from news items. To be questioned is the directionality of time on the contemporary urban space.

Between the past shows we remember the solo show in 2009 at the Gallery Warehouse Contemporary Art in Teramo.


Giovedì 21 Aprile 2011 la Galleria Paolo Erbetta Arte Contemporanea presenta la personale di
A cura di Antonella Palladino
Inaugurazione Giovedì 21 Aprile, dalle 18,30 alle 21,30
21 Aprile - 30 Giugno 2011
Orari: Lunedì - Sabato 11,00 - 13,00 / 17,00 - 20,30. Merc. e Giov. su appuntamento
Catalogo disponibile, con testo di Antonella Palladino


--La Galleria “Paolo Erbetta Arte Contemporanea” è lieta di presentare, giovedì 21 aprile 2011, Stop-motion personale di Alessio Rota (Giulianova, 1982) a cura di Antonella Palladino.
--La ricerca dell'artista nasce dall'osservare la città contemporanea. Ad essere rappresentate sono visioni urbane come le periferie, zone anonime ma allo stesso tempo Full of life, richiamando alla memoria John Fante. Una vita di strada che si alimenta di continuo disordine.
--Nelle tele appaiono visioni frantumate, percepite, assimilate e poi ricomposte dalla mente di un artista viaggiatore, per il quale è impossibile restare immobili. Ne viene fuori un paesaggio urbano fatto di antenne e palazzi, insegne, treni, cartelloni pubblicitari, locali, bettole…
--Un paesaggio che passa attraverso un punto di vista narrativo, ma mai lineare, perché frammentato e riproducibile attraverso le tecnologie dell'informazione in spazi altri e simultanei.
--Il titolo Stop-motion è un chiaro riferimento alla tecnica di ripresa fondata sull'accostamento di fotogrammi - tranches de vie tutti diversi, mettendo insieme spazi e tempi non contigui.
--Un concetto simile ritorna ne La conquista del tempo a cura di Derrick de Kerkhove : “il montaggio cinematografico si prende gioco della rappresentazione incatenando i punti di vista esplosi da una percezione ubiquitaria del mondo.”
--Le tele realizzate per la mostra rappresentano scenari urbani di una città globale resa tale dal potere diffuso dell'informazione. Non è raro trovare riferimenti espliciti ai fatti di cronaca, o notare il passaggio diretto di parti di vita all'interno di schermi televisivi. Il tempo e lo spazio vengono riconfigurati annullando qualsiasi concezione consequenziale ed ordinata. I luoghi entrano nel virtuale della società multischermo e restano come sospesi.
--La tecnica rappresentativa alterna parti narrative (motion) in cui è prevalente l'uso del gessetto a campiture astratte (stop), in un alternarsi di pieno e vuoto. La terra è piena e lo spazio del sapere, ormai disconnesso dal territorio, è vuoto.
--Un linguaggio pittorico personale adatto a rendere la condizione di sospensione dell'uomo contemporaneo.
--“L'esistenza veramente umana - come il vero incontro tra gli uomini - nasce, si perpetua e trova la propria unità nell'elemento del pensiero. È sospesa nel vuoto” Pierre Lévy.
--Infine tele, in bianco e nero, tutte di diverso formato, rappresentano la condizione dell'attesa. --L'attenzione si concentra sui dettagli, sulle singole scene spesso tratte dai fatti di cronaca. Ad essere messa in discussione è la direzionalità del tempo nello spazio urbano contemporaneo.

Tra le mostre passate si ricorda la personale nel 2009 presso la Galleria Warehouse Contemporary Art di Teramo.
Paolo Erbetta Arte Contemporanea
Italy 71100 Foggia Via IV Novembre 2 --+390881723493 --+393386372720
  dear friends of the gallery,  


we are delighted to inform you that next week we'll be participating at art paris, the younger sister of famous FIAC. apart from renowned and young galleries for contemporary art, this fair also has a focus on design, the very reason for our participation.

we'll be highlighting pieke bergmans with an installation of light objects, called light in the dark, especially designed for this exhibition and all of them unique. moreover, we'll show some works on paper by john baldessari.

we are still holding a number of free entry tickets, both for the preview and during the week. if you are interested, just send us an email and we'll reserve one for you (as long as they last). for more information about the fair, please consult their website:



march 30: preview 14:00-17:00 hrs, vernissage 18:00-23:00 hrs
march 31: 11:00-20:00 hrs
april 1: 11:00-22:00 hrs
april 2: 11:00-20:00 hrs
april 3: 11:00-18:00 hrs

we are looking forward to welcoming you in paris!
with best regards,
antoinette de stigter

at the centre george pompidou, the morellet exhibition 'reinstallation' will still be ongoing.


amsterdam gallery:
veemkade 354

veembroederhof 35
1019 HD amsterdam






Pavel Pepperstein, Gangster and the Sun, 1998, Indian ink and colored ink on paper, 70,5 x 100 cm


We are delighted to announce our participation at this year's DRAWING NOW PARIS art fair. At booth B31 we will present a selection of drawings by Pavel Pepperstein from the past 15 years.

We would love to see you there!

Drawing Now Paris - Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain
Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
25 - 28 March 2011. Opening: 24 March

Tickets for Opening Day, Thursday 24th, are still available.
Should you wish to receive a ticket for the opening of the fair, please contact the gallery. We will deposit a ticket for you at the information or admittance desk.

JAN ROS: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, 25.03. - 07.05.2011
Between March 25 and May 7, Rasche Ripken Berlin will be presenting a solo show with new works by Dutch painter Jan Ros (*1962, lives and works in Amersfoort).



Jan Ros: Zuckerkandl, 2011, 122 x 135 cm Berlin, 2011, 80 x 113 cm (Öl auf Holz)
--The paintings by Jan Ros do not deny their photographic ancestry. Whether automobiles or architecture, landscapes or interiors, Ros’s process of painting always begins with photography, yet proceeds from there to question the special conditions required to (re)produce an object in the medium of paint. Ros responds with a phenomenon that can be regarded as the central topos of modernity: the blur, the passage, the dissolution of the body and contours under fleeting observation. It is this perspective that makes his city views in particular look like landscapes seen from a passing car.
--So it is not surprising that, besides architectural and landscape scenes, Ros is always painting vehicles, including cars, ships, and airplanes. These are pictorial vehicles that permit an inverse view of the origins of mobility and speed (also in painting). In an equally consequentially way, Ros has repeatedly revisited the kinds of buildings presented as artifacts of early International architecture, such as Haus Zuckerkandl by Walter Gropius in Jena or Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavillon, which would hardly be conceivable without the automobile changes in our perception.

---Privat view: Friday, March 25, 7 pm. The exhibition is supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Sat 26th March – Sat 23rd April 2011

Opening Friday, 25th March 2011, 19HR

--Skalitzers presents TIKA's eagerly anticipated second solo show in Berlin. Moving back and forward between cities, mediums and textures, TIKA's works display a unique energy, reflective of her extensive travels and perspectives on today’s global society, as well as the nearly forgotten traditions and sagas of the past.

--Growing up between Zurich, Cologne, Cairo and Brussels, TIKA has been drawing, painting and creating since a young age, and first glued hand drawn circus posters to the streets at the age of ten. Her work can be seen on the streets of South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, US, China, Thailand and throughout Europe. --Currently living and working between Zurich, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro, with influences ranging from Aztec to graphic art, TIKA works across a number of mediums including woodcuts, wood prints, wood burnings, drawings, scratched and painted canvases, silkscreen prints, stickers and blackbooks. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the world, with solo shows in Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam.

--'TIKATHEK', a fusion of the artist's name since 2003 and the German word 'Bibliothek', draws from a diverse selection of works from her last few years between Europe and South America, culminating with a recent three month residency in Cape Town.

--Join us at Skalitzers with the artist for the opening night of 'TIKATHEK' on Friday 25th March, 2011.
--'When I create, I'm like a catalyzer, all experiences and thoughts run through me and out again.' (TIKA)



Sat 26th March 2011 – Sat 23rd April 2011
Opening: Fri 25th March 2011, 19HR

Skalitzers Contemporary
Skalitzer Straße 43
10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg
U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof
Opening Hours: Wed - Sat, 13 – 19HR

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