Sonia Rijnhout
Absolutely Cutting - Edge!
--Today, in the beginning of the New Millennium, when contemporary art very often seems to be reaching that stand by point of helpless lack of innovation and originality, it's good to know that it's not quite so after all, when under our normal daily systematic research process, Artcity21 stumbles upon a magnificent high-level of artistic performance, amazing inspiration and striking creativity, such as Sonia Rijnhout's artworks.

--Sonia Rijnhout shows us a newness signs of aesthetic originality and a straightforward and uncomplicated artistic brlliance, unquestionably a young contemporary phenomenon within the current art scene coherence.
Moreover, Sonia Rijnhout simply transcends any preconceived definition of contemporary tendencies as a whole, presenting us and surprising us with extremely successful combinations of colors and rhythmic forms.

--Far beyond today's Dutch contemporary art tendencies, Sonia Rijnhout opens her own space into the future, absolutely cutting - edge, she definitely stands for an international reputation, attaining a monumental level of impactful abstraction, specifically with her huge size exhibitions , and in so doing, creating a positive vibrating twist in the formal language of today's New Art.

--Represented ( among other very interesting artists ) by Art Affairs Gallery, located in Amsterdam, Nederland, Sonia Rijnhout immediately grabs our attention, different and unique, she is a clearly unashamedly flashing imagery gifted sort of artist, not only dominating various forms of experiences but most imoportantly she demonstrates that Art as a Live Event enhances the public's visual-emotional perception while getting rid of many common misconceptions about cutting - edge contemporary art.

--Sonia Rijnhout's Oeuvre is clearly based on the utilization of the urban space as a pure reflection of her own intentions and motivations, even on the Self, exploring this massive concept through impressive chromatic contrasts, urban place-making projects, not only introducing a new type of image but mainly a new type of attitude-which is remarkable - inevitably creating strong points of Urban New Art identity and identification, thereby reaching a wide dimension of viewers, namely art collectors, the sort of challenge rich in metaphors and freelance urban improvisations.

--Ultimately, by facilitating the identification of people with the space they live in, Sonia Rijnhout seems to be absolutely focused on the creation and presentation of art in urban space, an enthusiastic open invitation to an exciting display of new models of art expression.


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