Nana Andersen
The Mystery, the Beauty ... and the Best!
--Belief in the dramatic value of a strange vision of the world and human nature, is on the whole the artistic flame of Nana Andersen, sometimes showing plainly those traits which all human beings have in common, some other times assimilating aspects of those different emotional peculiar energies of the grotesque beauty, by exploring in her quality artworks, form, body, soul and spirit, inevitably presenting fundamental questions about nature and the human, matter, being and meaning.
--The mysterious nature of human provides Nana Andersen her constant subject, like all detectives, she is an artist who draws creative power and striking inspiration from the most controversial ( and unspeakable ) sides of the human soul.
--There's a peculiar and very specific type of vision shared by Nana Anderson's Oeuvre, an amazing game of scenes which the art lover eye enjoys immensely, while the artist invites the viewer to enter an adventurous inner world yet to be explored, never yet real, however always true, often down to the depth of the pregnant metaphysical where joy and. beauty go hand in hand with the uncanny soul of human nature's mysteries.
--The unique nature of Nana Andersen's unusual visual literacy, eventually makes the interpretation challenge more puzzling, as the viewer's eye moves around the canvas in astonished amazement.
--Althouth the first impact can be eventually a bit off-putting, the hidden meanings provide us with the mysterious exciting references to a very particular dimension of thought and perception, creating in one single subject multiple topics and several issues put together, therefore inevitably increasing the viewer's critical thinking as in the most unusual ( sometimes even spooky ... ) corridor of search for the inner intention of the artist, an exercise which requires appropriate skills to interpret each one of the expressive narratives, obviously hard to solve but definitely pleasant to the eye.
--On the whole, Nana Andersen has indeed all the makings to be the master of her very private own vision, by creating a profound atmosphere of mystery, providing the viewer with only dim light tips, an almost perverse challenging reward to keep us in the breathtaking attempt to figure out the real meaning of her artistic pure fine art self-therapy, probably repainting the picture of her inner mechanisms, leaving us helplessly digging up one after another artist-buried mystery out in the desert of the best incomprehensible beauty.
--Nana Andersen was one of the first artists represented by Galeria La Fruteria ( Barcelona, Spain ), and her Oeuvre has been wisely selected as the most important collection of the art gallery.
--As a result of her impressive artistic improvement during the past five years, she has become inevitably a Must reference and the best among the group of interesting painters, namely Bjoern Eriksen, Charlotte Jönsson, Emanuel Haurigot, Grete Siegler, Miguel Galcerán and Mikael Kunut Isaksen, exhibiting their artworks on the walls of Galeria La Fruteria, located in the heart of Poble Sec, Barcelona, one of the most stimulating cities in Europe and very particularly a huge metropolitan area with a great tradition in Fine Art, from Pablo Picasso to Joan Miró, from mythological Salvador Dali to Antoni Gaudi.

--However, most important of all, is by all means the intimate nature of Nana Andersen's artworks, bringing to canvas an absolute original artistic expression, revolving around the theme of human nature and beyond, a quality which makes her canvases unquestionably noteworthy and much more.

--She explores the delicate touching depths of human nature, connecting the viewer to a high level of perception, by translating the wildness and complexity of human soul into sharp perspective and beauty, continual changes systematically surprising us with such an easy-to-do progress, while sharing her personal natural heritage, thereby giving us a window into her private inner-self, a world of rare and elusive visions, experiences and even secrets.
--Capturing the essence, depth and the spirit of Nana Andersen's Oeuvre, the viewer inevitably has to seek very carefully in order to move beyond surface appearances, in the fascinating process of discovering the sub-meaning, the basic secondary, hidden treasures the artist's inner being in her restless art studio activity suggests while expressing extreme honesty, she also manages to create specific effects, changing the former appearance of the subject, and in so doing she brings multiple obstacles even for the most experienced art observer, this strange lack of intimacy and the illusion of absence of meaning, no doubt sometimes intolerable but delicious at once, a symbolic combination which can only be deciphered by the viewer in relation with a certain capacity to capture the subtleties of the illusory essence of the patterns represented on the canvas.

--Nana Andersen systematically challenges the viewer to read between the lines, so to speak, while wandering and wondering what the hidden meaning is all about after all.
--Nana Andersen turns the tables of conventional New Art, imposing undisclosed directions, however definitely carrying secret messages along with other aesthetic additional references, creating a wonderful atmosphere of silent mystery.


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